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Having been to many conferences, I was exceedingly impressed with this year’s National conference app, Whova, that made life easier for the organisers (no need to put labels on doors letting delegates know that the session has moved rooms – just put it on the app!), collated everyone’s photos into one place, allowed delegates to arrange private meetings and basically streamlined the whole logistics of conference organisation in real time. This got me thinking – besides the ubiquitous Zoom lesson, what else has technology for the music/string community done pre-, during or post-Covid?

So, the theme for the April 2023 issue is How technology has enhanced your teaching and listening. This could refer to ‘old’ technology used in new ways, it could be new insights into using tried and trusted platforms, it could be the latest in Artificial Intelligence. We can all learn from each other, so please share your experiences.

The deadline for the April 2023 issue is Friday 6 January 2023.

AUSTA publishes two issues of Stringendo each year. Efforts are made to reflect the wide range of interests of our members and to bring us into contact with our international colleagues. We believe that we help shrink the distance between Australians living in remote areas. A portion of membership subscriptions is allocated to funding Stringendo.

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Guidelines for Contributors & Advertisers:

AUSTA Publications

Responsibility for production of AUSTA national publications rests with the National Editorial Board. The Board produces two journal editions of Stringendo each calendar year, containing a mixture of contributed material, invited articles, news, reviews and short commentaries. The Board welcomes contributions from its readers, but inclusion of material in its publications is the sole prerogative of the Editor. Please note the following guidelines.

All contributions should be sent to the National Editor.

Types of contributions sought:

  1. Information and brief news items
  2. Major articles likely to be of interest to members (1350 words)
  3. Scholarly articles (2000 words)
  4. Reviews/reports of conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., offering thoughtful and reflective accounts of personal experiences (700 words)
  5. Reviews of new string music, publications, recordings and concerts
  6. Viewpoints expressing personal opinion (max. 550 words)
  • Authors of major articles must provide an electronic copy in Word format by email to the Editor:
  • Authors should include a two-sentence biography of themselves.
  • Articles should be in straightforward, concise English.
  • Photographs, musical examples and other illustrated material must be sharply in focus and may be submitted in colour or black and white sent electronically as a tif, jpg or pdf file.
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  • Copyright belongs to the author. However, the Editor reserves the right to first publication of any written material. The Editor reserves the right to edit submissions in the interests of clarity and available space.
  • No material will be returned to the contributor, whether published or not.
  • For further information, please contact the National Editor –

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