October 2018
AMEB Perth Conference
How to play the perfect staccato
Taking the mystery out of tone production
And lots more!

The theme for the next issue April 2019 is “Instrument Products and Supplies”
Contribution deadline: 4 January, 2019
Advertising Deadline: 18 January, 2019
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AUSTA publishes two issues of Stringendo each year. Efforts are made to reflect the wide range of interests of our members and to bring us into contact with our international colleagues. We believe that we help shrink the distance between Australians living in remote areas. A portion of membership subscriptions is allocated to funding Stringendo.

Each issue contains news, reviews, letters, comments and several substantial articles on topics of interest to players, teachers and makers of stringed instruments.

Advertising in Stringendo

If you are interested in promoting products to the Australian market through Stringendo, please contact the Advertising Manager Mary Nemet using the below link.

Stringendo aims to
  •     focus on topics of interest
  •     review workshops and new releases (books, music, CDs)
  •     facilitate the formation of links between members
  •     provide information about coming events
  •     stimulate debate
  •     encourage contributions from readers


Susan PierottiEditor
Mary NemetReviews Editor
Mary NemetAdvertising Manager