Eugenie Teychenné

March 30th, 2022 by AUSTA Conference

Eugenie Teychenné

String Group Teaching in Schools – and How to Survive it!


Session: This presentation introduces Possums Over the Moon, a web-based teaching resource for beginner string programs in schools. It will take a broad look at the historical development of string pedagogies, examine current practices in school string programs, and demonstrate how online teaching resources can open up new possibilities in our own teaching. A practical tour of the website will demonstrate curriculum and structure for the first year of string group teaching, and the interactive audio-visual tools available for teaching repertoire and technique. There may be the option access other online resources available to supplement our teaching, and the opportunity for questions and open discussion.

Eugenie Teychenné grew up in Gippsland in southeast Victoria. She completed a Bachelor of Music at Melbourne University, and began working as a freelance orchestral violinist in Ballet and Music Theatre productions in Melbourne.

Throughout the eighties, Eugenie worked as assistant to the film composer, Bruce Smeaton, in Australia, London and Los Angeles, on a number of feature films including Fred Schepisi’s Roxanne and Iceman.

Eugenie trained as a Suzuki violin teacher, graduating in the Primary and Intermediate levels. She became a founding member of the Suzuki Association in Melbourne and participated in workshops given by Dr Suzuki during his visits to Australia.

She began writing pieces for her own violin students, combining Suzuki’s teaching principles with repertoire that would appeal to children. These have been published as the Possums in the Roof and Possums at Sea books for beginner and intermediate string students. More recently, Eugenie has created Possums Over the Moon, a web-based teaching resource for Beginner String Programs in Schools, using online audio-visual tools to teach repertoire and technique in the classroom.