Daniel Carner

March 30th, 2022 by AUSTA Conference

Daniel Carner

Session 1: Shoulder Pain in String Instrument Players

Session 2: Thumb and Wrist Pain in String Instrument Players

Session 1 (Shoulder pain in String Instrument Players) : How to understand the joint better and help protect yourself and your students from harm. The presentation will involve a short explanation of the anatomy of the shoulder, common problems experienced by musicians, screening tools for students, preventative care strategies and management strategies for an already damaged shoulder. If time allows, a workshop can also be run after the presentation where attendees can practice the strategies given.

Session 2 (Thumb and Wrist Pain in String Instrument Players): This presentation will be a medical look into what we can do to help prevent and manage thumb and wrist pain. It will focus on learning how to troubleshoot problems in the hands as well as strategies on preventing further damage or maintaining an already damaged hand. The presentation will include:

  1. The anatomy of the hand
  2. Common problems in musicians
  3. Orthopaedic testing methods to identify possible problems
  4. Preventative actions for students
  5. Management options for ongoing hand pain


Daniel is a Musculoskeletal therapist with 10 years of experience. Dan approached music from the opposite end…Meaning he fell in love with the cello as an adult and started taking lessons while working in upper limb nerve transplant research. This resulted in some great lessons and lots of strange questions to his music teacher. He has worked in multiple different research fields while also working in clinical practice. This has included stroke rehabilitation, spinal injury research and upper limb nerve transplants. Dan is especially interested in teaching people how to take care of their bodies better, a little education can make so much difference in someone’s prognosis.