SEA Music Academy Online Partnership

AUSTA is pleased to announce a new partnership with Southeast Asia Music Academy Online (SEA Music Academy Online).

The Academy provides a virtual platform for musicians, music teachers, and music students to upskill and expand their horizons, through a varied selection of music courses and classes delivered by award-winning educators. In collaboration with leading partners in the region, we strive to create an online music community in the region, connecting musicians and students of all genres. With lifelong learning as the Academy’s mission, our courses equip learners with valuable skills needed to thrive in an ever-evolving musical landscape — providing access to high-quality music education at affordable rates.

The Great Shutdown of 2020 isolated many of us at the start, but this proved to be but a prelude to new collaborations unfettered by physical borders. The team of the Academy brings together a think tank with experience ranging from music performance to entrepreneurship, with award-winning expertise in music education, and extensive experience in leadership and organisation.

SEA Music Academy Online is offering AUSTA Members a 20% discount on all courses, recordings and the upcoming conference. 

To access this discount, log in to the AUSTA website and visit the page HERE to access your AUSTA Member discount code.

Full information about the Musicverse Conference is HERE.

National Advertising Manager – Job Description

AUSTA is conducting a search to find our new Advertising Manager for Stringendo.

There is an honorarium attached to the position. The person would need to enjoy talking to potential and current advertisers, be reliable, good with deadlines, and able to organise data in Microsoft Excel.

The Advertising Manager’s role is to solicit and liaise with current and potential advertisers for the inclusion of advertising in Stringendo, AUSTA’s twice-yearly published Stringendo Journal. The job is an autonomous one, although reporting to the National Executive Committee and Stringendo team is required.

The Stringendo Journal is published in April and October.

The important time frames for liaising with advertisers in the lead-up to each publication is predominantly four to five months before each journal is published.

More information can be provided if requested.

Please ask any potential candidates to forward their resume to Emily Dittman at by Friday 24 February 2023.

Tax time stage fright? The ATO can help

Performing Artists:

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has put together a range of resources and tips to help you lodge your tax return this year.

  1. Check out the work-related expenses guide for performing artists to find out what you can and can’t claim this year.
  2. COVID-19 has had a big impact on the performing artist industry and as a result you might have a few new and different claims this year. If you’ve received a COVID-19 support payment, remember the tax treatment of these payments varies so make sure you visit the ATO’s quick guide to the tax treatment of the various COVID-19 payments.
  3. Don’t forget, any COVID-19 tests you purchased for work purposes are now tax deductible. You can claim a deduction for any tests you paid for from 1 July 2021 as longs as you:
  • used the test for a work-related purpose
  • had a qualifying COVID-19 test, such as a PCR test or a rapid antigen test
  • have a record of your purchase (you can use to ATO app)
  • were not reimbursed for the cost by your employer.

Finally, if you need help completing and lodging your tax return and your income is around $60,000 or less, you may be eligible for the ATO’s free Tax Help program.

If you need more information, you can find it at


Read more about deductions you can claim here.

Book Launch: Molto AUSTA

Molto Austa: a historical overview of the Australian Strings Association

Susan Pierotti

Order your copy now!

Orders close Fri 17/06/22

  • $30 (collect at conference)
  • $45 (posted)

The Australian Strings Association (AUSTA) has a diverse membership of teachers, students, players and makers of stringed instruments.

AUSTA began with a few enthusiastic string teachers at a seminar in 1975. It rapidly developed thriving chapters in all states, delivered workshops and conferences, and organised tours by overseas guest artists and tours overseas by AUSTA members.

It has survived fluctuating membership numbers, financial pressures and the opening and closing of state chapters. Its members have learnt new skills and adapted to modern technology and global virus outbreaks. It has supported remote and regional members. Most of all, it has brought string professionals of all kinds together in a unique collegiate environment. Friendships have been maintained over forty years, and profound respect across many generations.

Using archival materials and live interviews, author Susan Pierotti has assembled a themed history of AUSTA, an association that all its members can be proud of.

Click HERE to order your copy!


An enjoyable and interesting read about the many facets of AUSTA’s past, connecting it with Australian music education’s developments during the 20th century while showing its adaptability and vision for the 21st century. Molto AUSTA and Viva Strings!

– Hamish Paterson, AUSTA Vic President

Molto AUSTA is a captivating read! The enthralling stories of inspiration, engagement and genuine hard work by leaders and members of both the National and State Chapters in developing and maintaining the organisation are beautifully told.

The historical perspective of string teaching in Australia provides a backdrop for the shaping of AUSTA’s purpose and drive, and takes the reader on an insightful journey as descriptions of conferences, meetings and celebrations focussed on promoting the cause of the profession in all corners of the country. It is an important account of Australia’s first and only association for strings and its significant role in supporting teachers, performers and makers across the country.

– Sue Arney, Lecturer in Teacher Education, The University of Melbourne


EBM Insurance Partnership

EBM Insurance Partnership

EBM Insurance & Risk is Australian owned and operated and has a dedicated team that supports musicians, dealers, teachers and students with cover for their instruments.


AUSTA members can access an exclusive insurance offer from EBM Insurance & Risk.

This offer applies whether your instrument is at home or in transit and includes:

  • no claim discount (if no claims made during past 3 years)
  • free climatic conditions cover (if instrument is under $100,000)
  • reduced broker fee from $90.00 to $50.00 p/y
  • support in the event of a claim.

Read more about how to access this offer here (please note, you must be logged in to the website and a current member to access this offer.)

Viola Resource List


Disclaimer – this list provides a broad range of resources for teachers and students of viola. It’s possible that this list can also later be able to be made available on the AUSTA and/or the Australian New Zealand viola society websites and updated from time to time. The exclusion of any resource does not imply that it is not recommended. – Helen Tuckey and Robyn Brookfield, October 2021

Download this list here (140KB)

1 Learning the alto clef


“Tenor Tutor” (Covers Alto Clef as well as Tenor Clef) This App teaches basic note recognition and music theory, using a Flash Card form.

“Flashnote Derby” teaches note reading in any clef. Use settings to adjust to reading capacity of student, can be for any age 3 and up. As well as naming a note by alphabet letter on the screen, users can also develop the ability to find the alto clef note on a virtual piano keyboard, or by playing the note on the viola. Child-friendly and fun presentation.

“Staff Wars” note reading in any clef – teenage and adults, progressively rewards speedy recognition.

Viola theory books


(an Australian series of books by Lorraine Chai for all strings – see website for resources) – Ensemble series for older students, Mini for younger (contains stickers😃)

All for Strings Theory Workbooks 1 & 2

(using nomenclature from USA)

2 Technique

Roger Benedict  “Scale Up!” A new scales method for viola. Partitura 2019

Mary Cohen “Viola Quick Change!”  Clef switching for viola made easy. Faber 1996

Freda Dinn “A Viola Method” from the third to the first position. Schott 1975

Simon Fischer “Warming Up” complete warm-up sequence for the viola. FMP 2011

Simon Fischer “Tone” experimenting with proportions on the viola. FMP 2019

Harvey S Whistler “From Violin to Viola” a transitional method. Rubank – Hal Leonard

3 Books

General Reference:

Barrett, H. The viola: Complete guide for teachers and students (Uni of Alabama 1996)

Bynog, David M. Notes for violists: a guide to the repertoire OUP 2021

Dolejší, Robert Modern Viola Technique. DaCapo Press (1939) ISBN 0-306-70552-4

Yehudi Menuhin and William Primrose Violin and Viola. Macdonald and Janes ISBN 0 356 047164

Nelson, S. The violin and the viola (London, Benn 1972)

Riley, Maurice The History of the Viola (2 volumes, out of print, second hand or library copies)


Violist autobiographies

Emma Ayres  “Cadence” Travels with Music – A memoir. ABC Books 2014
ABC journalist, broadcaster and one time professional violist in Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

William Primrose “Walk on the North Side. Memoirs of a violist” ISBN 0-8425-1813-2

Lionel Tertis “Cinderella no more” Published by Peter Nevill Ltd (1953)

Lionel Tertis “My Viola and I. A complete Autobiography. With Beauty of Tone in String Playing and other essays” Paul Elek London 1974 ISBN  0 236 31040 2

Bernard Zaslav. “The viola in my life. An alto rhapsody” (Book and CD) ISBN 978-0-8314-0096-5


Violist biographies

Lillian Fuchs – Amédée Daryl Williams “First lady of the viola” ISBN 0-595-30957-7

William Primrose “Playing the Viola. Conversations with William Primrose” David Dalton OUP ISBN 0-19-816 195-6

Lionel Tertis “The First Great Virtuoso of the Viola – Lionel Tertis” by John White ISBN 184383278X 9 781843 832782


4 Graded Repertoire Books (sheet music)

AMEB Viola Repertoire Books (Preliminary to Grade 6)    Published AMEB
A New Tune a Day for Viola   Boston Music Company

A New Tune a Day Performance Pieces for Viola Boston Music Company

My First Pieces, My Next Pieces. Stephen Chin. Everything String.

Royal Conservatory Viola Series (Frederick Harris Music, Canada)

Levels P – 8 repertoire books with CDs, plus books of grade etudes, technique and orchestral excerpts)
Suzuki Viola School  (9 Volumes)  Summy-Birchard
Solos for Young Violists. Barbara Barber (5 Volumes) Summy-Birchard


5 Sight Reading

Improve your Sight Reading for Viola Grades 1- 5  Paul Harris  Faber Music

Viola Sight-Reading 1 & 2 Kember & Wilkinson Schott

Treble Clef for Violists (reading studies integrating both clefs) Elizabeth Stuen-Walker

Many method books and pop albums for viola come in many genres with backing tracks that are great for sight reading practice. The Vamoosh! books by Thomas Gregory are a good example.

A website for practice samples at all levels is


6 Studies and Etudes written originally for viola from many eras:

(additionally, many violin study resources are also transcribed for viola)

Atar Arad 12 Caprices

Bruni 25 Studies
Campagnoli 41 Caprices
Lillian Fuchs 15 Characteristic Studies, 16 Fantasy Etudes, 12 Caprices
Hoffmeister  12 Etudes
Michael Kimber – numerous, see his website

Palashko 12 Studies op 55

Jorge Variego 18 + 3, see his website

Maurice Vieux

20 Études, 10 Études sur les traits d’orchestre, 10 Études sur les intervalles


7 Viola websites:

Send email to with your name, mobile phone number and state to join Helen’s independent Australia/New Zealand viola email list


8 List of violists:


9 Contemporary violists websites – violists who perform, compose and more:


10 Repertoire resources

(In addition to the wonderful historic resources on imslp, it’s important to support composers and publishers of contemporary music. Examination bodies such as AMEB and ABRSM, education organisations and some viola society sites also have graded repertoire lists.)

The Australian Music Centre

Primrose International Viola Archive:

American Viola society:

VlaTutti – some free and some paid fascinating viola resources

New England fiddle tunes for viola (free):

Gems Music Publications:

Viola World Publications:

Absolute Zero Viola Quartet:


A bouquet of viola listening links:

AUSTA WA Facebook Group

In addition to the AUSTA WA Facebook page, (which is largely for AUSTA events, member news and opportunities posted by AUSTA Social Media managers) we have started a page AUSTA WA Group which is for members of the group and others to post freely in regard to anything of interest to the string community.  All responsibility lies with those who post and is not the responsibility of AUSTA WA.

AUSTA WA Group page

In addition to the AUSTA WA Facebook page, we have started a page AUSTA WA Group which is for members of the group and others to post freely in regard to anything of interest to the string community.  All responsibility lies with those who post and is not the responsibility of AUSTA WA.

Barry Green – 2021 International Presenter – Rescheduled Australian Tour. CANCELLED

AUSTA is sad to announce that is has made the decision to CANCEL the 2021 tour of Barry Green. This difficult decision was made due to continuing difficult travel conditions.

Barry Green served as Principal Bassist of the Cincinnati Symphony for 28 years. He is a former Executive Director of the International Society of Bassists, and currently teaches at The Ohio State University and at high schools in Cincinnati. Green has been a professor of bass at U. of Calif. Santa Cruz and U. of Cincinnati CCM and has written 3 bass method books and many solo recordings. As a bass soloist, Green has created three new multimedia productions called Anna’s Way, from Inspiration to Artistry, Anna’s Gift, the Way of Passion, and Anna’s Promise. These unique hour-long productions are for solo bass, narration with background visuals and have been performed internationally in combo version as well as with full concert band and orchestra.

Green is author of three books dealing with the philosophy of music, the mind, body and spirit: The Inner Game of Music (Doubleday, 1986), The Mastery of Music, Ten Pathways to True Artistry (Broadway/Doubleday 2003) and Bringing Music to Life! (GIA, 2009).  Green has collaborated with renown music educator Bob Gillespie on a unique string exercises program sets to  popular music grooves and videos called Stringersize. 

The program will be introduced at the Chicago Mid-West Band and Orchestra festival in December 2019 and during his May 2020 national tour of Australia sponsored by the Australian Strings Association. 


ANAM Faculty member Karen Kyriakou presents a practical PD session for instrumental teachers of all instruments who teach groups or direct ensembles. The session will be held at the Dudley Clarke Performing Arts Centre, Hutchins School Hobart

The National Conference dates moved to Friday 1 July – Monday 4 July 2022

After much discussion, the National Executive has decided to delay the next National Conference to 2022.

This gives time for us to better understand what the future of conferences and large gatherings will be, and to work safely with our sponsors, international presenters and of course our members, in order to provide the best conference under whatever circumstances may be at play.

The conference will be held in Melbourne and the dates have been confirmed as Friday July 1 – Monday July 4, 2022.

Please make a note in your forward planner, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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AUSTA VIC – 40 Years of Newsletters

The first AUSTA VIC Newsletter was published at the end of

AUSTA VIC – Card Payments

Did you know that AUSTA VIC can now accept card payments at our events?

North Qld Celebration of Strings

Celebration of Strings 2018

5 Exciting Orchestras!

Workshops Friday 19

AUSTA WA Calendar

View the calendar of string events in WA


AUSTA Patron Richard Gill Honoured

AUSTA patron Richard Gill has recently received an Arts Leadership Award.

Angus McPherson’s article, recently published in Limelight

Conference Session Notes

Notes from the National Conference Sessions are being updated progressively.

New today, session notes for the Violin Forums (1.5 & 2.5) and the Set UP For Success Forum (3.4).

Go to the Interactive Program to link to the notes.


We have had a fairly quiet start to the year with just one event so far. We held a Bowing Workshop with Rosemary Macphail presenting a session called

AUSTA Tasmania – upcoming events

AUSTA Tasmania has the following events planned for the coming months.

As registrations open, they will be published under events.


No State found. Unable to provide calendar.