string(3) "vic" object(WP_Post)#2834 (24) { ["ID"]=> int(928) ["post_author"]=> string(2) "28" ["post_date"]=> string(19) "2015-04-09 12:35:11" ["post_date_gmt"]=> string(19) "2015-04-09 02:35:11" ["post_content"]=> string(952) "AUSTA VIC is the Victorian chapter of the Australian Strings Association.We run string related events for teachers, players and students of all levels.We run a variety of events throughout the year. These include performing festivals, masterclasses, music reading days and forums.Some of our regular events include:
  • the Reading Day of new string orchestra music in February,
  • the String Orchestra Festival for students in May,
  • the String Performers Festival in June,
  • the Paul McDermott violin scholarship in June and
  • the VCE/IB workshop in Semester Two.
This is just a selection of the range of events we hold for String education within Melbourne and regional Victoria.AUSTA VIC is also pleased to run events in regional areas and have provided financial support for The Melbourne University Double Bass Day and the Melbourne based Crashendo! Program." ["post_title"]=> string(3) "VIC" ["post_excerpt"]=> string(0) "" ["post_status"]=> string(7) "publish" ["comment_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["ping_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["post_password"]=> string(0) "" ["post_name"]=> string(3) "vic" ["to_ping"]=> string(0) "" ["pinged"]=> string(0) "" ["post_modified"]=> string(19) "2019-05-24 10:18:23" ["post_modified_gmt"]=> string(19) "2019-05-24 00:18:23" ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(0) "" ["post_parent"]=> int(0) ["guid"]=> string(54) "" ["menu_order"]=> int(0) ["post_type"]=> string(8) "chapters" ["post_mime_type"]=> string(0) "" ["comment_count"]=> string(1) "0" ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" } int(928)