April 11th, 2015 by Elizabeth Morgan

Is there any value in learning a stringed instrument? As teachers we try to inspire, and make lessons enjoyable. So much time, effort and money is spent in learning to play. Surely there is more to it than simply learning notes and tunes? How may we help our students get the most out of learning and doing the best they can?

The scope of this topic is extensive. However a few factors that are of musical and non musical benefit to the student bear special mention.

It takes time to get to know our students. I have found that apart from nurturing and fostering the relationship a deeper understanding of how they learn can make all the difference to their progress.

We now know that the brain is organised in two very different hemispheres, the logic left and the gestalt right. Every person has a dominant hemisphere. Both contain all the functions until specialisation begins. For gestalt this is ages 4-7, for logic ages 7-9. The gestalt years help us realize the appropriateness of the Colourstrings and Suzuki methods. Music is one activity which requires use of both sides of the brain. Every person is unique in the ways in which these two parts function. The more we access both sides the more intelligently we function.

A teacher who is aware of an individual