Loreta Fin 2018 Conference notes retraction

March 13th, 2019 by Loreta Fin

It has come to my attention that one of the papers I authored and presented at the 2018 AUSTA National String Conference in Perth and included on the AUSTA Website Resources page was flagged as problematic with regards to copyright and permission of some elements of the content. The paper indeed contained images that acknowledge the author Barbara Barber, but did not thoroughly refer to copyright, and indeed permission had not been sought from the author for the use of the images in the paper. My intention in including the images was simply to support the concepts and make delegates aware of the availability of this excellent publications by Barbara Barber – Violin Fingerboard Geography: An Intonation, Note-Reading, Theory, Shifting Systemand String Class Fingerboard Geography. I mistakenly invited teachers to copy the material in my original paper which included Barbara’s images from String Class Fingerboard Geography on page 2 and Violin Fingerboard Geography on page 1I. This paper has now been revised to ensure that there is no reference to the images. I would like to apologize to Barbara Barber for this error of judgement in including the images without permission and full copyright reference. I also apologise to the national and international string communities for presenting images of another authors