Polycorde Bow



Polycorde = many strings.

This fun and innovative new take on a 500 year old design allows the player to switch between single string playing and multi-string sustained chordal playing in an instant. With a minimal learning curve it is possible to operate the leverage system in the frog and play full bodied chords along with single string melody whilst you are playing. This in no way replaces the modern Tourte bow.

Consider how a percussionist can have many mallets for the same drum or why tradesmen have more than one tool. This bow enables a string player to apply additional harmonies to their melody or to accompany other string players in a chordal and harmonically contributory capacity.

Bespoke innovative 17th centuary style bow made for the modern player. Handmade in Snakewood by Tasmanian Archetier Philip Smith with a choice of bowhairs (regular, coruss, black, salt and pepper). Further modification available by request.





South Hobart 7004 TAS