Electric/accoustic Violin – 5 string Bridge Golden Tasman



For sale. Bridge Tasman Golden 5 string violin (E A D G C).

This is is by far the best electric violin I have ever played, and I have played a lot. Tone is super sweet and action is excellent. It has an onboard preamp so plug it straight into any amp/effects chain you like and start blasting. Beyonce’s violinist plays one. I used it for a gig at MONA the other day, went straight into the desk, no worries. Zero feedback, the pickup is state of the art. It is naturally a little quieter than an accoustic violin on account of the internal electronics but that is worth the payoff for having an incredible amplified sound, oh, and it has lightning bolts for f-holes.

It also has a built in (removable) digital tuner, which is very useful when tuning onstage in a noisy environment.

The dial beneath the chinrest is tone control, the other black circle on the rear is the battery storage. Two button cell batteries, lasts about 70 hours (heaps’o’gigs). Comes with spare batteries.

Reason for sale: I am a 5 string violinist but my fingers are too fat to get accuracy on double and triple stops with this instrument as the strings are a little closer together than a normal violin and I have fat fingers. My other 5 string works better for me (Realist RP5e) as the neck size is viola dimensions so can fit the 5 strings a little easier.

More info from the retailer here: https://www.electricviolinshop.com/bridge-golden-tasman-5-electro-acoustic-violin.html

I purchased it from the EVS in America a few months ago for $5300, selling it for $5k along with a hardshell case, spare batteries and a cupp’o’tea whilst you try it out.

I live in South Hobart and am happy to post it to mainland Australia.






South Hobart 7004 TAS