Beautiful Antique French



Beautiful Antique French ½ size ‘Cello Label JTL

A beautiful little ‘cello that is ready to be played by a young ‘cellist. In May 2014 the valuation of this ‘cello by Volker Beilharz (Melbourne) was $4,800.00AU.

Valuation certificate included.

“The work of the giant French trade manufacturer Jerome Thibouville-Lamy in Mirecourt 1890 – 1910.

The top is made from two matched pieces of spruce which has a variable-width but quite straight grain. The back is made from two matched pieces of maple which has a somewhat patchy, faint but reasonable fine flame that extends horizontally from the centre joint. The ribs are made from five matching pieces of maple and one different piece. The five matching pieces are made from maple that is almost plain – it has occasional faint flame that has a quilted look. The other rib, lower soundpost side, has a broad, faint but defined flame. The scroll and original neck are made from maple that ha a very broad, flat flame. The varnish is a very typical French trade orange-red colour and is uniformly. The ‘cello is in good condition but has a lot of minor damage and wear on the varnish and the edges. The only major damage is a soundpost crack in the front which has been glued but not patched.”

Measurements (over arch):

Width of back top bout 284.0mm

C-bout 201.5mm

Lower bout 366.8mm

Length of back 635.0mm

Height of ribs top block 106.0mm

C-bout 106.0mm

Lower block 106.0mm

Ratio: from top nut to table edge 231.0mm

From table edge to f-hole nicks 343.0mm

Has a new set of Evah Pirazzi strings

New Wittner tailpiece

New bridge

New soundpost

Shaped nut

Replaced endpin

Seams and cracks checked and repaired.

Cost includes a soft case only (no rosin, bow, ‘cello stand et c)

Please feel free to inspect the ‘cello prior to purchase.


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