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AUSTA SA - AGM Report - November 2020

Simone Slattery's Presentation On Saturday 21st November, AUSTA SA hosted a presentation on partimenti techniques presented by Simone Slattery. The zoom event went smoothly and we hope to do an encore of this presentation in the near future. Young Composer's Awards AUSTA SA also sponsored a category of the young composer's awards. We are now in the process of organising some performers to play and present the music of the winning composer. Unfortunately this has been delayed due to covid lockdown in SA. The winning composer's piece will also be featured in next year's AUSTA SA playing day, where we will be workshopping new music for strings. Networking Event AUSTA SA plans on hosting a networking event early next year. We are planning on using this event as an opportunity to hear from AUSTA members about what kinds of events they would like to see in the future. AGM AUSTA SA plans to hold an AGM in December.  

January 2020 Report

During 2019 AUSTA SA we busy with multiple events in August and September including:
  • Professional development workshops with Elizabeth Layton and Stephan Richter
  • Student ensemble workshops
  • Adults Only String Orchestra workshops with Lachlan Bramble
  • Improvisation workshop with Stephan Richter
  • Double Bass workshop with Robert Nairne
We welcome new committee member Julia Norman and thank our outgoing committee members Jennifer Eime and Kathy Wozniczka. I would like to particularly thank Agnes Weinstein, our outgoing president, for her efforts over the last few years as secretary and then president of AUSTA SA. Agnes will continue on the committee as treasurer and I value her support and dedication. 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting and busy year for AUSTA SA! We already have many events planned including:
  • Mini-conference in March with presenters from the AUSTA National Executive and Robin Wilson.
  • Workshops and PD sessions with Barry Green
  • Student ensemble workshops
  • Improvisation workshop with Julian Ferreretto and Rachel Johnston
We aim to provide South Australian string players and teachers with events that support and build a sense of community as well as developing their skills and confidence to go out and make a difference through their music. ---Fiona Patten  

November 2019 Report

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