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Chapter Report January 2020

In the end of 2019 , AUSTA NSW was busy with several events , including:
 masterclasses with Ole Bohn and Julian Smiles - both held at the Sydney Conservatorium
Repertoire reading day and workshop with John Ockwell - held at the Sydney Sring Centre
A collaborative event with ABODA NSW on building string programs in schools , presented by Anne Sweeney
Our committee currently remains the same and we will be having our AUSTA NSW  AGM meeting on the 23rd of February , which will include a guest speaker , Dr Kasniathan , who is a renowned Psychiatrist. He will be delivering a talk on teacher well being and good practises for mental health when teaching.
2020 is looking exciting with a number of events being booked in , including masterclasses and workshops with Janet Davies , Fintan Murphy and Goetz Richter at the Sydney Conservatorium , Our String Festival in June and the Barry Green masterclasses and workshops in May.
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