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BodyMinded Training, 2018


The BodyMinded Program will run again during 2018 – this time in Sydney and at a second location in Brisbane!

Register your interest by attending the free Webinar. The information webinars are free and we are running one a month until the end of the year. Please check for the next webinar.

So what is the BodyMinded approach to Music teaching, how does it improve outcomes in performance, anxiety and injury prevention?

BodyMinded combines insights and practices from the Alexander Technique, BodyMapping and Biomechanics. In this way, we deepen a Music teachers understanding and transform practice and teaching.

Our aim is to improve outcomes in performance, reduce and manage anxiety and ensure healthy movement patterns to avoid repetitive strain injuries and discomfort in students.

How can the BodyMinded approach benefit a musician/ music teacher?
You will benefit with an enhanced ability to coach movement accurately, based on solid anatomical and biomechanical principles. In practice this means learning how to instruct your students with regards to their particular to develop long-term safe practice.

A struggle for a teacher or student is an indication of a loss of coordination with oneself or with the music. The BodyMinded training will assist you to turn struggles into constructive learning experiences.

Please come along to our free information webinar to find out how the BodyMinded training will sky rocket your teaching and coaching.

Experience the BodyMinded approach to Music performance and teaching. Register your interest by attending the free Webinar and practical demonstration.
PS – At the free webinar we will let you know about the scholarships for motivated music teachers that demonstrate their capacity to be upskilled in the BodyMinded approach and apply into their own performing and/or teaching practice. Worth $1980.

Name: Sydney Alexander Technique


Phone: 0437405407


State: NSW