AUSTA Advertising

Advertising plays an important role in helping the string community to keep up to date with all the new information and developments. It can include concerts, events, workshops, instruments, retailers amongst other string related information.

Please contact an advertising manager (below) to discuss options and rates.

NB. The advertising fee will most probably be waived in cases where:

  1. the advertiser is not promoting a “product” in order to make a profit for a business and
  2. is not to the financial gain over another similar business/es.

Advertising is available in:

Stringendo – the national journal distributed to all members

State Newsletters – produced by the AUSTA chapters

eNews* – news sent to members by email

AUSTA website – a hub of information for both AUSTA members and non-members.

* advertising in eNews is kept to a minimum so that members do not receive excessive information via email.

For further enquiries please contact:

For national advertising (Stringendo, eNews & Website) please contact the National Advertising Manager

For state chapter newsletter advertising please contact a state eNews editor