2018 National Conference

A wonderful Australian Strings Association National Conference was held recently at Trinity College East Perth from Saturday 7th to Tuesday 10th July 2018. The weather was perfect, we had extra enrolments on the day at separate events and over 100 guests at the AUSTA Conference Dinner sponsored by Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin.

Many thanks to all delegates, presenters Australian and international, traders and sponsors, especially our Principal sponsor Simply for Strings and Major Sponsors AMEB, Encore Publications, Pirastro and the Perth Convention Bureau. Please continue to support our sponsors and traders, their links are below.

We are grateful for collaboration with several major performing arts companies and education institutions with presentations linked to the conference involving WASO, WAYO, the Australian String Quartet and the UWA Conservatorium of Music.

We are very appreciative of those who travelled great distances to be at the Conference – from the USA, Korea, Austria, Spain, the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand as well as from major cities and regional areas of Australia.

We are also thankful for everyone involved in making the conference a success; Trinity College and Perth Travelodge staff, Kierstan Arkleysmith and her work with the great team at Donato’s Event Catering, our team of volunteers major and minor, and the many delegates who just lent a hand during the conference. A special thanks to the AUSTA National Conference Committee (Helen Tuckey, Nicole Strohfeldt, Margaret Schlink and Zoë van Drunen), Sara Duhig (ABODA), Louise Sandercock (violin masterclasses), Dr. Suzanne Wijsmann, Andrew Patrick and Sophie Curtis (Big Cello Day Out), the AUSTA National Executive and Advisory members for their wisdom and support, Catherine Hughes for social media support and our National Administrator Gina De Francesco for advice and work on many aspects before and during the conference.

Everyone is welcome to check our resources pages which link directly from the sessions presented. If you were at the conference and would like to share more information in regard to any session, or have great photos to share to our gallery, please indicate which session or activity is involved and forward them to admin@austa.asn.au

For those interested in the online ESTA PG Certificate for string teachers/piano teachers, you can read about it here: https://www.estastringspgc.org.uk/contact/